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Excellent Water Resources


The Homestead River Ranch has approximately 1,500 feet of frontage on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River on the west boundary. The fly fishing is very good in this location and it is possible to put a river raft into the river right from the ranch and float downstream to the confluence with the main branch of the Bitterroot River. The Bitterroot River is one of only five in the United States that flows north and is a part of the Columbia River system eventually entering the Pacific Ocean. Rainbow trout, Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout and  Brook Trout are all present in this fantastic fishing opportunity. River access is available about every five miles on the entire river.

Department of Natural Resources documents two major irrigation water rights from the Bitterroot River with priority dates of 1891 and 1902 . The water leaves the river at a head gate located south of the ranch and is delivered to the property by a community ditch. The ditch association meets periodically to coordinate maintenance and operation of the ditch. 

There are 3 water wells on the property. The wells have an average depth of 37 feet and produced an average of 60 gallons per minute. Domestic water for the drinking water to the dwellings and shops is provided by these wells in addition to serving 3 frost free water hydrants which are placed around the ranch for stock and exterior maintenance.

There is a large pond located between the main home and the historic cabin. This pond provides beautiful reflections of the blue Montana sky during the summer months. Another pond located by the East Fork River provides habitat for waterfowl and wildlife.

The ranch has a 30 H.P pump which services two large irrigation pivot systems. The seller will provide a land stewardship report for the maintenance and costs associated with the agricultural practice upon request. The hay production in 2019 was approximately 150 tons of mixed grass hay in square bales and it was cost –shared with the individuals who provided the haying operation. 

Water Right Numbers:

76H 30400 00  

76H 30401 00

76H 30046548

76H 30046545

76H 30041875 or 76*

The ranch has buried irrigation lines and hand line for the smaller pastures. There is a pipe trailer and approximately 30 pieces of 3 inch, end riser aluminum pipe, plus a 5 H.P. pump for these  smaller fields. 

Water Rights are complicated in Montana. The buyer is advised to have an independent search of these and other water rights, if any, associated with this property.  










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